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How to Take Amazing Photos of Your Cat

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Last week we wrote about taking amazing photos of your dog... but what if you're a cat person?! Cats and dogs are different in a lot of ways and this can give you different photographic challenges when trying to capture a good picture of them. For example dogs are portable, you can take them to the park and get photos of them running around. While some cats will walk on a harness, most are likely to get grumpy if you so much as pick them up. Even if your cat is a homebody grump, you can still get a great picture of them without disturbing them too much. Here are the tips!


Does you cat mooch around while you hang out the washing? If your cat is allowed outdoors then try sitting in your yard and calling them. Chances are they will come to see what you're doing. Outdoors can provide the best lighting for photography and your cat will feel relaxed and happy.


Natural light is key, but too much can be a bad thing. Try taking photos on an overcast day so there are no harsh shadows or bight spots in your photos. If its a very sunny day you can try taking photos in the shade.


Eye contact is a great way to get a better photo of your cat. Try and get your cat to look into the camera by holding your phone up to your face and call them from behind it. You'll have to be quick with the shutter button through, most cats will get sick of looking every time you make a noise and will only do it the first few times.


Cats are curious and so if you set up a photo area with a backdrop and some pillows chances are they will come over and inspect it. If you're lucky they will lie in the right place and face the camera. Again the trick is being ready with the camera to take the photo when the cat is ready.


Be careful with food treats for cats, as most cats will not sit and stay for a treat like dogs will. Cats will come barreling over to take the treat straight out of your hand. With our cat, we find that having the treat bag out and ready is just enough motivation to get the cat looking when you call them but not so motivated that they will climb up you for the treat.


Playtime can be a great time to take photos of your cat. Make sure your phone is on burst mode or action mode and go nuts. Laser pointers are a good way to direct your cat to where you want them. Extra points for flips and jumps in the air!


Patience is so important when taking photos of cats. Make photo shoots quick and often so you don't annoy your cat too much and always make sure they get plenty of attention with no camera in their face when the shoot is done. Practice makes puuurfect so get snapping!

So those are my tips for taking amazing photos of your cat, but if you still can't quite get the hang out it, you can always hire us to do it for you. We even have a portable black screen and white screen which we can use to really make your cats colouring pop. Remember practice makes perfect so just get out there and start taking photos.

Media Melt is a Video Production Company based in Dunedin, New Zealand. If you have any enquires, feel free to contact us here


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