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Goodbye 2019 – Hello 2020

I, personally, am glad to see the end of 2019. It was an emotional rollercoaster. In fact I’m pretty sure we were cursed. For every up, there was a much larger down.

Yes we got our own house! But turns out it was full of mold and tobacco damage which was slowly poisoning me. We luckily could move back in with Mum and Dad but I continued to have a very bad run of migraines for months after we left the house. I was dealing with some pretty serious unrelated trauma, and I had to get a casual job at the library to supplement my income (which in itself isn’t so bad but it’s more about the principal of going back to a job I was doing 10 years ago). Book and I were convinced that we stumbled into some sort of "Just My Luck" situation at Beerfest 2018 and that somehow on the anniversary of that our luck would switch back.

And low and behold, as of Beerfest in November 2019 our year-long curse seems to have lifted. We are now on the up.

We have fully renovated the bedroom after striping the walls and carpet to ensure there is no mold in there at all, we have a house in the rapidly unattainable Dunedin housing market, we have moved back in to the house, I have a beautiful walk in wardrobe, the cats have settled into our house again nicely, I have a new doctor who listens, a migraine preventative that actually seems to be working AND we have a puppy on the way (we pick her up on the 23rd of Jan! Her name is Charlie! She’ll have a dedicated blog post when she arrives!) (photo supplied from her breeder)

My aim for 2020 is to build on what we already have. For Media Melt this means getting more clients and making more videos. For the house, this means renovating and steadily adding value. 2020 will be a year of hard but hopefully rewarding work. Putting in 100% at work and at home so that we can raise a well behaved adorable little pup, and so we can afford to maybe go on a holiday??

2020 has barely arrived but I have more hope for it than I did 2019. This is our year and we’re going to smash it.

Watch this space.


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