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The importance of visual aid

The importance of visual aid when getting your businesses message across.

It was Book’s birthday in the weekend so I ordered him a cake, a delicious cake. A beautiful cake. A personalised cake. A cake that was to say Happy Birthday Bab. I rang up and placed my order, yes order for Eve and I would like it to read Happy Birthday B-A-B.

I go to pick it up and it says… Happy Birthday Eve. Oh no. First of all, this is hilarious and the opposite of a problem – I knew full well that Book would love it and find it much more entertaining than a regular cake. Second of all, I realised that this would never happen with visual aid.

In the world of video we reinforce messages in so many ways that it is almost impossible for a mistake like this to be made. We open on a shot of Book, wearing a birthday hat and there is a streamer in the background that reads happy birthday – it is his birthday. There is a group of people around the table singing Happy Birthday to Book as I bring in a cake that reads (you guessed it) Happy Birthday Book. The voiceover states “It was a birthday much like any other for Book but with one small difference, he was about to eat the best cake he had ever tasted” The subtitles reflect the voiceover and there is NO DOUBT whose birthday it is in the viewers mind. It is Book’s birthday, the message has been delivered.

If you have a message about your business that you want to get across as clearly as possible, have a chat to us! We’d love to help out and see what we can do.



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