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Social Media Management

This week’s blog is all about what we can do to help you manage your social media more effectively. Social Media is a huge part of our lives right now. There are 3.499 billion active social media users worldwide, and the average user spends 142 minutes a day scrolling. Source

Why wouldn’t you want to use that to your advantage? Social media is a great way to advertise because the metrics are all trackable, unlike traditional advertising platforms such as print or radio. Social media gives back what you put in. This can be a blessing or a curse. If you post consistent, quality content then you will gain followers and brand awareness. If you post twice then forget about it for months then nothing is likely to happen. New social media accounts require attention and love to get them off the ground, which can be a lot of work. That’s where we come in.


The most common problem people have, they just don’t have enough time to actually post anything. We can work with you to create a social media calendar that suits your style and budget. Want to post once a week? Easy. Daily? Great. We will schedule everything and organise it all so it is ready to post when you need to. We will create posts around what you want, and bring our years of social media marketing experience, to create fun, informative posts that people will want to engage with.


Using the calendar, we will then schedule shoots around you and your team and try to capture as many posts in one session as we can. Social Media pushes photos and videos, so having a professional to capture your content makes a huge difference to the quality of your posts. Think of your social media channel as a way to show the general public behind the scenes of your business. They want to see your staff, and current projects you’re working on. They want to see your pets and what you do outside of work and other things that might not be as appropriate for traditional advertising streams. We will help your personality shine, in a polished and professional way, so that your followers can feel like they really know and trust you.


Once the content is shot we will bring it back to the office and edit it, this is a step often missed by Social Media DIYers. We will make videos short and concise, and make photos look beautiful. We know what catches the eye and draws engagement, and we will make sure that the finishes video or photo suits your businesses style or personality.


We can also manage the posting of your content. We can prewrite all of the blurbs and hashtags (if applicable) and send them through for approval then post the finished content at the optimal time of day/week for your businesses client base. We can also boost specific posts that we think will do well, to reach an audience wider than just your followers.


We can do a deep dive into your social media metrics and see what specifically works and what doesn’t for your audience which will help us better tailor the content we make for you. Every account is different and so knowing what your audience prefer is a great way to organically boost engagement.


If you’re getting a lot of engagement but don’t want to spend all night liking/replying to comments then get us to do it. A lot of replies are basic FAQ answers that we can learn and anything too hard or specific can be forwarded on to you or one of your staff to answer. The more engagement a post gets, the more people that will see it. Also by replying to comments, your audience can see that you are reliable and available.


We can take photos for your profile photo, we can create a motion graphic of your existing logo – or update your logo. We can make cover photos and banners and we can create content for your website so that everything online looks cohesive and consistent.


We can do everything on this list, or one or two things from this list, every client is different and depending on your needs we will create a custom package based around what you want for your social media. So give us a call or email today and we will come and discuss the best option for you!



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