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The Health and Safety Side of What We Do.

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

While we're currently marketing ourselves as pet photography, design, training video makers, our main focus is health and safety videos. This week’s blog is all about these modules, why and how we make them and what they could do for your company!


The Avid Plus team specialises in everything health and safety, but that’s not all they do. They also provide services on the all of government panel as well as a range of business and leadership solutions. Avid Plus works across a wide range of disciplines and operates to support, guide and provide innovative solutions to organisations. Their team is hand-picked from the consulting industry to ensure they are qualified, industry respected professionals with relevant qualifications, experience, certification and insurances.

This basically means that they know what they’re doing when it comes to health and safety. It’s important that our information is factual and reflects the current laws around a certain topic or subject. Avid Plus write up the scripts and then we turn that script into a video.


SimTutor provide us with an online training platform which revolutionises workplace learning. The platform is designed to form a key component of a blended learning solution, where online and face-to-face training work together to ensure that workers can demonstrate their competence. This also provides a client with detailed evidence of each workers progress and comprehension. With SimTutor we can upload a video and embed questionnaires. As the worker is watching the video they will answer questions about what they have just watched, which makes the information engaging and therefore easier to retain – especially when compared to a paper based health and safety sign off.


Why invest in this health and safety training when I already have some in place? Well have you ever seen your workers eyes glaze over during your health and safety meetings? We have all had to sit through a terrible health and safety or induction video which is why we try to make our videos funny and interesting to keep the viewer engaged. We give all the correct information, but we give it in a way that is fresh and humorous. We keep it short and we keep it relevant to your business and New Zealand legislation and standards. Sure you could find a video about PPE on Youtube that might be ok but it won’t be tailored to your business and the specific PPE that you use, or up to date with NZ laws.

Your workers can access the platform from any device as long as they have internet access. These modules are great for seasonal workers, they can log in and do the modules before they even step foot on your site or yard. It’s a fantastic way to train newbies as well as refreshing the memory for any current staff. Staff can access these modules at any time and watch as many times as they like.


Avid Plus will meet with the client to discuss what module subjects they want. The modules are designed to be easy to absorb and attention retaining, so sometimes if the subject it is too wide, it will be split across a few modules (for example “safe use of ladders” may be split into “step ladders” and “extension ladders”). Once Avid Plus know what the subjects are, they will create a script, using legislation and current standards to ensure the information is correct and up to date. That script is then proofed by several people at Avid Plus before being sent to the client for approval.

Once the script has been approved by all, it is sent to us - Media Melt. We turn the script into a shot list and work with Avid Plus and the client to organise a time to film on site. For some shots we can use our studio but for the most part it’s better for the viewer to see the most accurate footage of what they will be doing on site. This means we use the tools specific to their business, usually in their own workshop or yard.

When shooting has finished we can move on to editing, which can often take as long as the filming and pre-production combined. We add subtitles, music, motion graphics, sometimes special effects. Anything we can to keep the video interesting and easy to follow.

When the video is done we can upload it to SimTutor and add in the questions – usually selected by the client to drive home the more important points. Once it is uploaded to SimTutor it is checked one more time and then given to the client for review. In the rare case that the client wants some changes done, we will update the video and re-upload to the platform.

If you would like to learn more about these modules or sims then contact Avid Plus for a meeting to discuss your options at or visit their website!

Media Melt is a Video Production Company based in Dunedin, New Zealand. If you have any enquires, feel free to contact us here


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