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2019 - Whats coming up

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Hi All and welcome to 2019!

Last year was our first full year as a business, with our anniversary falling on Halloween. It was an interesting year, we learned a lot and and hit most of the goals that we set for ourselves in late 2017. We got a green screen set up, we got a few new clients and we even attended a conference in Queenstown. We've gotten into the swing of making health and safety videos, with each video getting better and more polished!

This year our goals are even bigger and brighter. Our main goals are to be working full time, and to pull in a profit this year! We have a few big projects in the works this year, which is very exciting! We will also be working a lot harder on the marketing side of things so keep an eye out for our content and we would love a like or a share!! :D

Keeping this blog updated (hopefully) weekly is also a goal this year so let us know, do you want tips and tricks? Personal style blog where I just sort of explain something cool that we did? How to make certain props? If there's something in particular you want to read, let me know!

We hope you hang around to see what we get up to this year, it will be fun and we're very excited to see what the year has in store for us!!


Media Melt is a Video Production Company based in Dunedin, New Zealand. If you have any enquires, feel free to contact us here


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