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Client Day

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Hey guys, last Thursday we spent the morning at the Avid Plus client day. This was basically just a day for all the Avid clients to get together and learn about what’s happening in the world of New Zealand health and safety. It was held at the Edgar Centre here in Dunedin and one of the topics of the day was our sims. Between Avid Plus, Media Melt and SimTutor we create engaging training sims for the workplace. We all had to stand up and talk to the clients about our own aspects of the sim making process, so why not reuse ours as a blog post?? Here's our presentation:

Hi, as John said, we’re Eve and Book from Media Melt. Once John has created the script and got the Ok from the client, he sends it through to us. We create a shot list for the script and think about the simplest ways to visually convey the message and reinforce what is being said. We try to keep the videos interesting, engaging, light hearted, and fun to keep the viewer’s attention and ensure that they will remember what they are being taught.

With everything filmed, we edit the footage, sometimes adding special effects or specific music to set a specific tone. We add a voiceover, explaining what is going on. We add motion graphics to help the viewer understand what they are being shown and add subtitles.

Subtitling helps anyone who may have hearing difficulties or perhaps English isn’t their first language. Similarly, having the audio voiceover helps anyone who has visual difficulties or even reading difficulties. For everyone else, they get to hear the voiceover and read the subtitles at the same time which increases retention and keeps the viewer focused.

According to Training industry magazine “Educational research shows that 83 percent of human learning occurs visually, and combining visual and audio demonstrations of a task can be quite compelling and effective for the learner. We already live in a highly visual world and learners expect to see how to do something, not just hear how to do it…. We accept reality based tv and expect reality based learning.”

When the edit is done, we create the questions to be embedded into the video. The questions reflect the most important messages that the client wants to get across to the viewer. We put the video and questions into SimTutor and it is then sent to the client for feedback and any final tweaks will be made after that.

A picture is worth 1,000 words right? If each script we are given has around 800 words and run about four minutes or 240 seconds and our videos are 50 frames a second then that’s 12,000 pictures. Times 12,000 by 1,000 because a picture is worth 1,000 words and our videos are worth 12 million words! What a bargain.

And that was our speech, I think we made some good points about why video is the superior learning tool and hopefully we get some new clients on board!

Catch y’all next week,


Media Melt is a Video Production Company based in Dunedin, New Zealand. If you have any enquires, feel free to contact us here


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